Why Magick in the Age of Science?

Miz JoAnn Lee

I will not be taking any new clients until 2019.  This site is for information only.  If you have questions about spiritual work, I would be glad to try to answer them.

Humans are telepathic. We communicate with one another all the time, and we are able, by thought, to construct forms in the air that are invisible to most people but goad us into repeating those thoughts so that they can feed. We are born telepathic little beings to parents and family members who communicate on us at all levels, the deceased, thoughtforms that are floating around in the air goading us to think a certain way, the spirits of nature, and whatever else is out there. Religion is the business of constructing and living with thoughtforms and telepathic communication. All learning—all human life—takes place through it. 

Some people, either through a natural gift or through extensive training, or both, are able to perceive and manipulate telepathy and thought forms more powerfully than others. These people can become effective spiritual workers. 

I was born to a family that was naturally gifted and have spent over fifteen years training to become more perceptive of and influential toward human thought. This is what science cannot yet measure or perceive and does not take into account in healing and change. This is why in divination I can often help you know what is “in the air” and what you can do to work it to your advantage.

Magic works with archetypes. Old spells have had time to grow very powerful—communicative and almost self-aware--and for most people are more effective than just visualizing what you want. I work with tarot and folk magic using established forms—old, mature, powerful thoughtforms—to help you figure out what is going on. The tarot is 78 thoughtforms that are used by dead magicians to help living people tell how events are trending. Folk magic is old thoughtforms that millions of people have worked with for centuries—thousands of years in some cases. When properly accessed, they can communicate very effectively and sometimes even change the electromagnetic fields of living beings and objects. This is how effective magic works.

Most of magic is divination. We need to figure out what is going on, come up with a plan, and see if our plan will work. We need to implement the plan and keep on checking on it with divination to see how it is going. In an effective spell, we will see movement within a few days in the form of a dream, someone contacting you, an event. As the magic progresses, things change, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. We keep working. 

There are often setbacks, especially in the case of magical attack. But if the cards say so, we keep going and things work out in a certain way most of the time. Sometimes the forces are too great. I cannot stop global warming—it’s too big—but maybe I can get your neighbors to be more careful with recycling. Maybe one person will start riding a bicycle instead of taking the bus. It is a question of scale. 

And then there are changes you are going to have to make in the way you do things. I have had to change myself and do all the time. 

Some of our patterns are so ingrained—from biology, generations of your family doing things a certain way, the sheer number of people who are doing it that way—that you will have to work on a pattern forever. If that is the cost of controlling a bad habit or bad circumstances, why not do it? I do. I want a better life, and am willing to throw a certain amount of money and time at magic to have it. That is the expectation I hope you will bring to the work.

Most psychics and witch doctors are scammers—that I freely admit. Some are just overtaxed, promising more than they can deliver.  But if you ever find one that can get the job done, they can help you solve problems more cost effectively than going it alone. 

I am a newbie who has gotten some good results and will charge you a lower rate than a pro, but I am inexperienced and will no doubt have to work closely with you to monitor how things are going.  The spirits have granted me wonderful boons so far, and are interested in continuing to work with me to help humanity.  My clients have not have any bad experiences or weird side effects.

I may be able to help you

- Figure out what is going on 

- Find and keep a great love

- Get a job

- Soothe annoying neighbors, in-laws, and co-workers

I work relentlessly with the magic, and if a tarot reading gives the “all clear,” I don’t stop until the situation is resolved one way or another.

The central governing principles of my magick are Judeo-Christian; many of the magickal techniques I use for practical work come down to syncretic magickal Christianity and old school western art magick. I don’t care for organized religion, though I recognize its place in the world. Men have always used social structures to get power over women, and the rich have always used them to get control of everyone. The Church is not pure, but there is a great deal of effective magick in it, and since I live and conjure in a western context, I use the western structure. The Bible is a source of great power, if only people knew how to use it.

When I read cards, I tell you what the powers say, not necessarily what you want to hear. And I won’t conjure against the flow of energy in the universe. I would rather help you to seek alternate answers to problems than banging your head against the wall. That is futile and expensive, and in the long run it’s better to work with the flow than try to get “something for nothing” and hang on for dear life.  

If I can’t help you, after a preliminary divination I will say so. If what you want is against my better judgement or ethics, I won’t take your money. And my fees are reasonable.  

It is understood that all of the claims made on this web site are for entertainment purposes only.


© JoAnn Lee 2015