Grocery Store Hoodoo

If you are in trouble and need help but can’t afford anything or go to the occult shop, here are some procedures you can use with readily available items until you can purchase condition products.

Things to Get or Have On Hand

For a Cleansing Bath/Wash


Epsom Salt, if possible 


Lemon or Lemongrass tea 

Combine the ingredients to make the bath/wash. Pray over it that it will cleanse old spiritual conditions so that you can attract a wonderful new life. 

For a "Good Things" Oil






Olive oil 

Combine the ingredients to make the oil. You can also add the first five ingredients to corn starch to make powder, though I would substitute sugar for vanilla or it could get sticky. Pray over the oil that it will bring in the good things of life while protecting you.

Cleansing Bath and House Cleansing

Get salt, epsom salt, lemon juice or lemongrass tea, and two small white candles (often in the Jewish section). Get up before dawn if you can. Put the candles on either side of the tub and run a bath. Make a tea out of the salt, epsom salt, and lemon juice/lemongrass tea and put it into the bath asking God that it may cleanse you. Bathe in the mixture, making sure to wash the cleansing bath downwards. Step out of the bath but keep the plug in to preserve the bath water. Air dry, allowing the bathing tea to remain on your skin.  Read aloud Psalms 15, 51, and 116. Pray that God will cleanse and protect you. When you are dry, annoint yourself with the “good things” oil and dress in clean clothes.

Clean and mop the entire house with your regular cleaning product and some of the bath for the mop water. Light a white candle in each room and pray that the old spiritual conditions will be taken away. Throw a cupful of the mop/bath water outside into a crossroad, onto a tree, or toward the setting sun praying that the old spiritual conditions will be taken away.

Dressing Yourself and the House

Pray that the oil will bless you with love, money, peace, and a change of circumstances. Put a line of the oil up the front and back side of your legs, arms, belly, and head. Put a dab of the oil in each room of the house, and in a five-spot pattern on the doors and windows: one in each corner and one in the middle like the “5” dice. Pray Psalms 29 and 140 for peace at home. Pray Psalms 23 and 114 for money.

If you are facing a situation of violence, please contact the appropriate authorities and GET OUT.

If you have a serious health problem, do what I do and go to the WESTERN MEDICAL DOCTOR. I wouldn’t even be alive without western medicine. Western medicine is the greatest medicine the world has ever seen. Why drink willow bark tea when you can take aspirin? I do pray for myself and others, and am amazed at how often the answer often comes in the form of the right medical doctor

© JoAnn Lee 2015