Nothing is carved in stone. Not even the Angels know exactly how everything will work out.

Divination merely gives us a sense of how energy is moving. The act of finding out how the energy is moving enables us to adjust the course of our lives and make magickal “course corrections” if our mundane efforts alone do not avail.  

I use the tarot and geomancy for divination. Often the spirits themselves give me a good sense of how things are.  

Energy is confusing. We have our own energy habits, we are influenced by other people telepathically, and we influence other people, places, and natural beings. Modern science is very good at a lot of things, but it is not yet good at energy. For that, we have to go to old school magick.  

I offer divination services. I always set a light and pray for you when I do a divination. I always recommend magickal action and supplies.

I am going to tell you what the cards tell me, and I will not politely massage it. That is my responsibility. You have to decide whether or not to accept and act on what I am saying. That is your responsibility. Ultimately, you have to decide whether or not to follow the divinatory spirit’s advice. I do.  

My divinations are short but surgical and cost $15. We can do it over the phone or via email. If you need more time, I bill at $1/minute.

For legal purposes, it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.

15-Minute Divination


Practical magic addresses two types of conditions: acute and chronic. With an acute--or temporary—condition, you throw a lot of energy at it to get it to change back to the way things were energetically, resulting in the type of condition you are used to. For example, if you are usually employed and are suddenly unemployed, getting a job is fairly easy because the energy around you is used to having jobs. This involves a one-shot deal. It can be a wallop of one shot, involving lots of pieces of work, but it is essentially complete once the condition changes to the desired outcome.

A chronic condition is more difficult. If you are frequently unemployed and want to get and keep a job, you are going to have to throw energy at it for a long, long time, perhaps forever. We all have chronic conditions that we have to work with forever. An addiction is like this. Certain types of relationships. Trouble we get ourselves into again and again. This is the type of situation where you will ALWAYS be burning candles, taking spiritual baths, using oils, and generally praying for this condition to change into your desired outcome. I do it for my own chronic conditions. I would not be anywhere near as successful as I am without conjure. 

I can help you with root work, but I will only do something if divination indicates that it is possible and ethical. If not, let’s not waste your money and my time.  

I will do a beginning divination then make the candles and some of the supplies. I will do work for you here at my home altar and send you a packet consisting of a bath, oil, and appropriate candle and other spells to do at your home, along with instructions. I will do one midpoint divination and a closing divination. 

I do NOT guarantee results. For legal purposes, it is understood that all practical magick is for the purposes of entertainment only.  

Please contact me if you want this type of work. Rates vary.  

LADY-HEARTED WORK: love, money, jobs, spiritual help with minor health issues (in addition to proper treatment with a western medical doctor), cleansing, success, schooling, etc.

JUSTIFIED WORK: spiritual help with a major health issue (in addition to proper treatment with a western medical doctor), dealing with a bad guy, serious black magic, issues involving the law (in addition to proper legal counsel).

I will not try to kill someone for you, but will seek a resolution that removes the injured parties from danger. 

I don’t assist with personal revenge. I will help you understand and change your situation, take evasive maneuvers, and avoid repeating the same bad thing again.  

I will not assist in getting someone to commit adultery, theft, gambling, or other types of illegal action. I seldom will try to reunite you with an ex-lover.

BE CAREFUL DOING WORK ON PEOPLE WHO ARE MENTALLY ILL, ABUSIVE, MAGICALLY INCLINED, OR VERY STRONG-MINDED.  They can respond unpredictably.  You might want to consult with me about it and get my advice, or have me do the work.   

Contact me about this type of job. The rate will vary and will depend greatly on what an initial divination reveals. 


There are three types of practical magic approaches:  sympathetic magic, telepathic magic, and sorcery. I use all three with each project.

Sympathetic magic works by touch. You use a bath, powder, or oil, and it changes your actual body magnetism. You cleanse your home with the product, and it changes the energy in your home. You place it where someone else can touch it, and it changes their energy, which changes their thoughts and behavior. It is extremely effective.  

I always insist that, at the very least, you cleanse yourself and your home so that the other work doesn’t have to cut through a lot of spiritual muck to work. This is the same principle as feng shui. You want chi to work for you rather than against you.  

I use the herbal formulary and methodology of conjure for sympathetic magic because it is established, powerful, and effective. If you would prefer to have the energy of western art magic than African-American folk magic on your body and in your home, I will make and consecrate the products using that formulary and methodology. They don't work as well, but I will give you that option. It is your preference. 

I work with  my own products, because they are supported by powerful spirits and are not tricked up with ulterior motives like advertising, making you buy more than you need, squashing you if you do something I don’t agree with, smashing other workers’ or traditions’ magic, or other dirty tricks like that.  It is important to work with divination on any magic, or you are wasting time and money on something that will never manifest.  For divination, I recommend the Celtic Cross spread using the Rider Waite deck.  It is the most widely used and therefore the strongest form of divination in the West.  

If I am working with western art magick, I can have the herbs there as part of the ceremony.  They absorb the energy of the spirits, and can be used to make baths, oils, powders, etc. 

Telepathic magic works by transferring thoughts directly from you and me to the various people involved. It is a shotgun approach. It sends out a generic amplified idea into the great sea of thought that we all live in: “Hire me!” “Love me!” or “I’m a winner!” The techniques associated with this magic are candle magic, container spells, doll babies, psalms, etc. I do them for you and you also do them for yourself. I will be sending you candles, dolls, jars, etc., that I have made and prayed over for the specific purpose you require and you will work them at home while I work them here.  My twenty years of intense theurgy have made me very telepathic, so this part of my magic is fairly effective.  

Sorcery involves sending spirits to work on jobs. I do old school western art magic, working with my own Holy Guardian Angel, the strong and shrewd Angels of the Heptameron, the wise and experienced chthonic spirits from The Lesser Key of Solomon, and powerful and expert chthonic spirits I work with in my Abramelin magic. These spirits are capable of many levels of magic to help you get what you need. They approach each problem individually.  Some of the work they do is

- banish witchcraft dark sorcery and heal everyone involved of the side effects

- banish toxic ghosts and heal everyone involved of the side effects, especially ghosts sent by black magicians and ancestors who won’t let go and mess up everything you do

- heal entrainments, where you are stuck to another person’s energy and can’t get away and can’t function very well (drinking or drug buddies, abusive partners or family members, mentally ill people, bad bosses, lovers you just can’t forget, and people you are better off getting away from)

- heal a variety of problems

- and they are very good at getting jobs, new lovers, nice housing, fun friends, and any of the good and honorable things of the earth that you may need

Monotheistic religions required the destruction of polytheistic gods of native peoples, so they named the native gods “demons.”  It is these forms that constitute the Solomonic and other grimoire spirits of European shamanism controlled by the energy of the Catholic Church under the auspices of St. Cyprian and the Holy Guardian Angel.  

Sorcery is ethically neutral.  It is the wizard who determines good or bad.

The most powerful spirits are benevolent, or humanity would not exist, but there are some very powerful evil ones as well.  

The dead magicians and spirits who manage the operative magic evaluate the wizard in absolute detail, and decide whether they fundamentally want to go in business with that person or not, and what they are going to do.  This is why so many Goetic magicians report that at the first, they were bestowed lovely gifts and then they were run out of town.  It depends on the kind of magic you do and for whom.  The spirits who work these portals expect wizards to fix their own lives and the lives of their lovers, family, and friends, and to work for the benefit of humanity.  

Once the spirits decide you are on the team, they want to play ball!

This magic works.

The 1% of all areas of the world know that this magic works and have done many things to keep it out of the hands of the masses.  Christianity had the Inquisition and the Burning Time.  Islamic nations routinely execute sorcerers.  Monarchs have always hired sorcerers to help them run their kingdoms, both as counselors (divination) and as wizards.  If the wizards don’t want to do what the rich want, the rich have thrown them in jail or killed them outright.

The rich of the world have successfully gotten powerful magic out of the hands of the masses through coercive methods such as the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials; wars like the Guatemalan civil war, the invasion of Tibet, and the wholesale destruction of the Native Americans; social policies like taking Australian Aboriginal and United States Native American children from their parents and educating them in foster homes and orphanages, the funding of evangelical Christian missionaries and providing evangelical converts with small business loans or other goods and services that wrecked local indigenous economies and disrupted transmission of local culture; and mass media entertainment, news, churches, and other means of controlling public opinion.  This brings us to a state where the 1% know and use powerful sorcery to maintain wealth and power, and the 99% have extremely ineffective magical practices, like much of orthodox Judaism, Islam, and Christianity—or none at all, as in the case of China, the Soviet Union, and much of western Europe.

One of my goals is to help people reclaim sorcery.  I face much opposition from the 1% and their sorcerers and from other sorcerers who like to set up kingdoms and restrict information.  It is very difficult to learn and practice sorcery.  I have almost been killed by magic on many occasions, been driven nearly to the point of bankruptcy, been marginalized and sidelined, have been alienated by friends, had health problems, and have been in a twenty-year boondoggle within both the western and African-influenced traditions to keep me from getting at the goods of power, despite being talented, hard-working and benevolent.  Poor instruction in the western path has also created a lot of procedure errors, and the spirits punish these as surely as they do poor behavior—though they are a lot more appeased by honor than scuzziness.  

I hate this.  I want to throw open the doors of power and help honorable people learn how to access it.  We need more nice wizards doing nice magic, and invariably it is the nice guys who get smashed into oblivion.  So if you are a nice, hardworking, person with scrupulous attention to detail and want to practice goetic magic, I will try to help you if I can.

Old school western art magic requires nine days of fasting, celibacy, relative seclusion, and meditation, so it is very intensive.  I can only do one spell a month, because my body needs to rest and eat.  

Most of the time, divination and our conversation will sort through what you really want versus what you think you want, what is reasonable, and what the spirits think they can actually do for you. We are not going to work on a project that is impossible or unreasonable to begin with, so you should actually get what you ask for.   

Goetic magic is not something for nothing. You will not win the lottery or be elected President or go to bed with a supermodel unless you have billions of dollars and a solid track record to begin with. It is also not out-and-out evil, so we won’t be killing or hurting anyone. The Angels are very adamant that the humans involved be dealt with lovingly, if sternly.  

Goetic magic is about getting you the high end of what is reasonable for you, very strongly, and sometimes quite quickly, and doing so in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. It is a wonderful magic, especially when used with sympathetic and telepathic magic for maximum effect.

I will work an operation daily for three months. If there are no signs of movement, and nothing results, we have to assume that the material conditions are too intractable, it is not your destiny to have that desired object, or bigger wizards than I are blocking you.  I can’t help you with everything, though I have tangled with some pretty powerful nasty folks, and will do what I can to succeed.  Though divination will usually reveal what is going on in the Underworld and operative dimension.  We will do what we can, and so far, I have managed to get a lot of things weirdly right.  If people don’t get what they ask for, they often get saved, rescued, and assisted in what the mature and wise spirits think they actually need.

Techniques:  Setting lights, psalms, work with Angels and spirits, mojo hands, doll babies, jar and other container spells, baths, oils, powders, lodestone spells, and other techniques of African-American/Southern and Christian practical magick. Root work will involve me making the items from scratch, praying over them, working the job myself here at my home altar, and sending you the appropriate supplies and instructions.

© JoAnn Lee 2015