My magic has gotten the following results:

- Got a client out of Paris two weeks before the ISIS terrorist attacks.

- Got a child adopted into the home of loving relatives despite objections from others, living and       dead.

- Kept an irksome neighbor at bay.

- Eased symptoms of carpal tunnel.

- Fended off magical attacks that manifested in lucid dreams and general unease.

- Helped a troublesome lawsuit settle advantageously.

- Helped an estate settle profitably against the odds.

- Helped a young mother evade a meddlesome mother-in-law’s attempts to take her baby.

- Ended professional logjams caused by black magic.

- Enabled a company to sell profitably when it seemed all was lost.

- Helped someone get past an insurance company boondoggle to acquire needed medication.

- Helped a baby who suffered a difficult birth and was in the NICU.

- Helped a professional keep her driver’s license when she had forgotten to pay for her tags. 

- Enabled a short sale to go through despite a horrible backlog by the bank.

- Got jobs for people who have been out of work for years.  

- Got death magic off innocent people.


JoAnn offered to do a reading for me during a time when I was trying to juggle a lot of items at once. I'm somewhat of a skeptic (okay, a BIG skeptic) but I am always open to interesting new experiences - and curious as to how things work.This was the first time that anyone had done a reading for me, so I started off with a pretty basic question. I was awaiting some mail to be forwarded to me, General Delivery. I knew it had arrived at the post office, but as yet, it hadn't been sorted and available for delivery. I really needed to pick up that mail before I could finish making my travel plans.  So my question was simply "Will I get my mail tomorrow?"

Since I had never had a reading done before, I didn't know what to expect - or even what consisted of a fair question. JoAnn began by shuffling her large deck of cards. She spent quite some time doing the shuffling, and when I asked if I could cut the deck, she said that I could, but it wouldn't make any difference. I didn't.

For the next step she started dealing all of the cards face down into a new pile. She could only see the backs of the cards as she dealt. Part way down the deck, she dealt one card into a separate pile and then continued putting most of the cards (face down) into the first pile. As she got near the end of the deck, she seemed surprised that she had only pulled out one card so far - evidently a reading ends up with a handful of cards that make up the fortune.

Finally she got to the end of the deck and I only had one card. She pulled it up and it was a picture of a bunch of men - sort of loosely flailing at each other with sticks.  She studied it for awhile, commented that it was usually referred to as the committee card, but it could also imply bureaucracy. Giving it some more thought, she said that I would eventually get my mail, but there would be problems.

So what happened? I went to the post office and was told that I should come back later. When I showed up later, I was told I should have come earlier. I showed up the next day and it wasn't sorted out yet. So a gal took my name and number, and mentioned that it might be at a different post office. I went to that post office and they told me I had to go back to the first post office. Nothing yet. Then that afternoon, the gal that took down my number gave me a ring and said that my package was available for pickup. I picked it up and then made my travel plans.

 --Mark R.

I was 100% satisfied with JoAnn’s reading. She took her time with me, threw several spreads for me, and always asked if I had any more questions as a follow-up to the reading as we went along. Although we were on the telephone, I never felt distant from her as a person; she was always telling me what she was doing and how she was doing it, so I felt like I was consulting someone in the room with me. She remained open minded about my own beliefs, was never judgmental, and did not take anything for granted. She added humor into the reading which helped me to relax and enjoy the discussion, and I really enjoyed how she shared some of her own life experiences with me to illuminate the reading in a personal manner. Joann gave me hope stressing that the future is in my hands and is determined by my own actions, so I found it very helpful when she alerted me to specific sign-posts I could look out for in order to take action on my own. She then suggested very specific actions I can do to take the next steps on my own, and promised to follow up with an email outlining that information for me. Her email arrived in less than an hour after our consultation. I would heartily recommend Joann as a reader to anyone.

—Chuck H.

© JoAnn Lee 2015